Even More Quick Converting!

I’m back! Let’s talk about the conversion of Pathfinder’s Speed to Swords & Wizardry’s Move values. I thought this one would be a simple linear correlation. It’s a bit messier than that because some monsters may have different powers that are more or less valued between the two games. So when I calculated the correlation, it was moderate: =.39. When we look at the graph, it’s a mess.


Yes, there is a trend but there is such wide variability that it’s hard to make a simple 1-to-1 conversion. The other thing is, they’re on two different scales. That shouldn’t really matter too much but it does make it a little less obvious when converting. I created a really simple table that can be used to capture the spirit of the monster’s movement rate within S&W.


This should get you by. Like I’ve said before, it isn’t what the Frogs use but it’s close enough in a pinch. We’ll wrap up this series with attack values. It’s the one I tend to fudge most often at the table but you can also have a lot of fun with it. Happy converting!


Even More Quick Converting!

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