Into the Attack! Quick Converting Attack Damage

Hi Everyone!

Throughout this series, I have discussed the wide variability that you can get with some of the stats. When you are trying to take a monster from Pathfinder and convert its attack damage to Swords & Wizardry, you need to try to avoid using the stats from Pathfinder entirely. S&W has enough weird variability issues on its own to work around. Instead, focus on the Challenge Level of the monster in S&W.

I tried a number of things to pinpoint how damage is done. I settled on a method that works pretty well to retain the flavor of the monster. First, I took all of the monsters in the Complete book and correlated their CL to their minimum damage done on an attack round. Then, I did the same thing for the maximum damage. Then, I split the damage into three types. You’ll notice that many monsters have multiple attacks per round. I just verbalize those after I’ve rolled all of the damage dice rather than roll them separately using this method. Try this for monsters that only have one primary attack:


Since this is “quick converting” and not “accurate converting,” you may find that the damage dice are quite lethal for characters at the low end of each category. Be careful to avoid the dreaded TPK. I fudge my numbers a bit after I kill one PC.

We’ll wrap up this series by putting it all together and trying to convert a monster. Happy converting!


Into the Attack! Quick Converting Attack Damage

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